Online language exchange every Wednesday!

Practice languages and make friends from all over the world for free, whether you are a CLM student or not!


The activity will take place using Skype, so you need a good Internet connection. You will be able to join the Skype platform using your own Skype account or just as a guest, through the link provided before each exchange session


This activity is completely free of charge, but places are limited. Therefore, it is important that you attend the session that you have registered for and are as punctual as possible.To guarantee the exchange works smoothly, we inform you that any participant who registers for the event but does not finally participate (without giving at least 24 hours notice), will not be allowed to participate in the next scheduled session.

How does it work?

To participate you need to fill out this short form. You should indicate your mother tongue and the language you would like to practice.
The form will open weekly for each available exchange date and will close approximately two days before each session, so be sure to keep an eye out to reserve your place!

We will form groups

We will organize groups of 5/6 people (approximately)

We will contact you

We will send you the instructions you need to participate and the link to the videocall.

Start Practising!

So, the moment has come, you only need to make a video call and start practicing! In each group there will be native speakers and speakers of your language of interest, so ideally, you will practice one of the languages for a while and then switch to the other language. In this way, you will all practice your preferred language and help others learn your mother tongue – the perfect tandem!

Are you ready for it? Keep practising languages from home!