This is the online version of the famous CILE intensive Spanish language courses offered by the Centro de Lenguas Modernas, a classic in learning Spanish among university students from all over the world, and constitutes the closest thing to immersion in Spanish language and culture without leaving your own home.

Our Intensive Courses offer you 10 hours per week of live online group classes so you can improve your Spanish language skills and level through communicative activities with your classmates. You will also have one hour a week of small group classes (with one or two classmates) in which you will be able to do group oral and written work. Our teaching is focused on the student, so every week you will receive 30 minutes of 1-to-1 class in which your learning process will be even more effective with the teaching totally adapted to your individual needs. The teacher will provide you with rapid feedback for all tasks, guide you along your learning pathway and facilitate your language acquisition.


◼ Developing and integrating communicative skills to reach a level of competence outlined in the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference)
◼ Live group classes
◼ Reliable level test so classes adapt to your real language needs
◼ Groups with maximum 10 students
◼ Great emphasis on course monitoring and the student’s continuous work
◼ Classes Monday through Friday
◼ Live online language exchanges with Spanish students
◼ Tuition will be fully refunded if the student decides not to continue in the first week of the course
◼ Credits awarded by the University of Granada
◼ Adapted to different time zones



◼ 350€
Tuition will be fully refunded if the student decides not to continue in the first week of the course


◼ 60 hours


◼ June: 1 – 26 June 2020
◼ July: 3 – 30 July 2020
◼ August: 3 – 28 August 2020
◼ September: 1 – 29 September 2020
◼ October: 5 – 30 October 2020
◼ November: 3 – 30 November 2020
◼ January : 8 – 29 January 2021
◼ February: 1 – 26 February 2021
◼ March: 1 – 26 March 2021
◼ April: 5 – 30 April 2021
◼ May: 4 – 31 May 2021
◼ June: 2 – 29 June 2021
◼ July: 5 – 30 July 2021
◼ August: 2 – 30 August 2021

Aimed at:

◼ Anyone looking for an intensive and agile learning experience whatever your goals


◼ Required Level Test (See specifications)
◼ Levels offered: A1, A2, A2+, B1.1, B1.2, B2.1, B2.2, C1 and C2

A 60-hour course distributed in the following way:

◼ 40 hours of live classes
◼ 1 hour a week of live class in pairs or groups of 3
◼ 30 minutes a week one-to-one with the teacher
◼ 3.5 hours a week of self-study offline with comments and feedback from the teacher who will adapt to each student’s individual learning style and needs.


◼ Adapted to the time zone of the student’s country of origin


◼ 6 ECTS

  • Experienced and highly qualified faculty in Spanish language teaching and in content subjects such as History, Literature and Islamic Culture
  • Ample experience teaching international students of Spanish thanks to long-standing cooperation agreements with partners and universities from all over the world
  • Personalized academic and administrative assistance
  • The University of Granada’s academic excellence
  • ECTS credits
  • Fully tutorized courses
CLMCommon European Framework (CEFR)
8 SuperiorC1
7 Upper AdvancedB2.2INDEPENDENT USER
6 AdvancedB2.1
5 Upper IntermediateB1.2
4 IntermediateB1.1
3 Lower IntermediateA2+BASIC USER
2 ElementaryA2
1 BeginnerA1

The online level test (PNO) has a written part which takes place on the CLM Virtual Platform and an oral part via videoconference.

Once the student is enrolled in the PNO, they will receive an email with login details to access the written test and information about the oral test.

Students can start the test when they like but, once they have started, they have to complete it within 24 hours.

Once the written test has been completed, the students will receive an email with the date and time of the oral test via Skype, Zoom or Meet.

Online level test dates

  • June Courses
  • Written test: May 18th – 28th
  • Oral test: May 26th – 28th
  • July Courses
  • Written test: June 15th – 26th
  • Oral test: June 25th – 27th
  • August Courses
  • Written test:
  • Oral test: August 27th – 28th

To register, you need to specify which course you would like to take, fill out this form and make payment by one of the following PAYMENT METHODS


Made payable to the "Centro de Lenguas Modernas" indicating clearly the student´s full name to our current account held at:

Caja Rural Granada
Oficina Granada Urbana 21 "Realejo"
Plaza del Realejo, 8 y 10
18009 Granada (España)
IBAN: ES16-3023-0134-7254-0965-6203

CLM will only recognise as payment the amount received so students must meet any bank charges incurred.


You can call us on +(34) 958215660 (Extention: 208 or 213) from 9am to 2pm (Spanish time) and give us your credit card details.

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